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Many people use baseball card pages for their coupon binders, and really they work just fine. You can find them at office supply stores or at department stores. In my local Walmart they can be found near one of the registers where trading cards are sold. I decided to take things a little bit further and invest in different types of pages that would streamline the chore of organizing coupons. Coupon organizer pages in different sizes will make sorting coupons quicker and easier.

Business card sheets — The horizontal pockets open on top and are just the right size for most coupons. Currency sheets — The absolute perfect solution for printable coupons and full-width newspaper insert coupons! The horizontal pockets open at the top and your largest coupons will fit without folding.

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I purchased one set of each and found all of these sheets were of high quality and are very durable. I distributed the different sheet types between the various sections of my coupon organizer. This was definitely a much pricier solution than regular baseball card sheets, but it is so much more convenient for me that I felt it was a good investment.

Besides, the money I spent was recouped in the savings on just one shopping trip. I also purchased a set of twelve divider tabs, which allowed me more sections and better organization than my previous binder provided. Next time you go shopping, make a mental note of your habits, and then decide if any tweaks to your coupon organizer system can streamline the process even more.

Tags: Couponing Guides Organization. Formerly an architectural drafter and designer, Jen cut her spending and embraced a frugal lifestyle to be a stay at home mom. Keep up with Jen's latest posts and musings on Facebook or Twitter. July 5, December 19, August 27, Thanks so much for this post! So like if you have several pages with dairy products, do you just put one coupon in one spot and flip through? I know some people get to that degree of detail and might organize by product type or expiration date. If I have identical coupons I do stick them in the same slot to save space and make things easier to find.

Yes, I use my binder for everything. Usually I keep miscellaneous store coupons in the file section or one of the zipper pockets rather than the clear pages. Wow, what are the odds.

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It still makes me sick to my stomach to think about it. So many high value, long expiration, and no expiration coupons just gone. Plus I had many of my inserts just tucked in there. Ugh, stomach turning right now just thinking about it again. Starting over was hard, mentally. I actually picked up the binder you have and another one and ended up returning the one like yours. The one I got had 2 accordion style pockets in the front closed by a Velcro flap and a zip around part for pencils, scissors, calculator etc.

Before I had photo sleeves that opened on the inside so as I turned pages sometimes the coupons would fall out. I got some awesome dividers at Staples this year during their BTS sales. Thank you so much for visiting!

Coupon Binder Pages - 100 Page Assortment with Bonus Sleeve

My new binder is full to bursting though. Best of luck as you rebuild! I have been trying to get more involved but organization is what has kept me from doing so. That last one just irks me but I am hoping to get better. Reading this post was very helpful,so hopefully I can get myself organized and benefit from the savings. Thanks for sharing. Thanks for commenting Dee!

It can be hard finding the time to just sit down and get organized. I have times like that too. Once you have a system that really works for you, it gets easier. I love this idea and Expecially the binder! Do you know where I can find it? It was sold out on one of the websites. If you had a spare for sale or know any place I can find it, please let me know. Thank you! Your email address will not be published.

This saves a lot of time!

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I also like to carry scissors and other membership cards in the pouch of my binder. That way they are ready to go when I finally find my way to the checkout line! If you are new to Couponing, you might want to take a moment to read more in my Getting Started Couponing series. Planning a Walt Disney World vacation? Feeling overwhelmed?

I've put together a Walt Disney World course just for you! I enjoy, lead to I discovered exactly what I used to be looking for. God Bless you man. Have a great day. God I love that man!! I put a few extra empty baseball card sleves in the front of my binder and when I am making my list I put the coupons I plan on useing in those first few pages so they are ready to go I even put them in order of my list so I can keep track of where I am AND as I find the item I am going to be buying I will pull the coupon s out of my sleves and put them in the front pocket of the binder.

I also use the binder method but I added a clear pencil bag to the front of mine made to put into a binder. When I get ready to check out, I just pull all of them out of the little zipper bag. I also added a couple of document protectors clear sheet holders to the front. I forgot that detail in the post about my binder- it is a zippered binder and it holds almost every coupon I can get my hands on!

I was in a hurry to get mine organized, so I just bought what was available at the moment. The extra cost is paid for by the free and cheap things I get with my organized coupons! Iam waiting on school supply sales and clearnaces to get a zippered one though. Another great tip is to add one of the zippered pencil pouches to the front of your binder…for pens,highlighters and scissors and calculator that come in handy.

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I also carry mine in a reusable shopping bag as well. My only prob is that mine seems to be getting so fat even though I am regularly taking out the expired coupons. How does everyone keep theirs in a zippered binder? I have thoughat about breaking it down into 2 smaller ones…one for food items and the other for non-food items and the ads and coupon policies. What are some ideas on this? I use the same method and it works out great.

You should should get a binder that zips shut, a lot of the times some of the cpns can slide out. When school supplies go on clearance you can pick one up for cheap. It works out perfect!! One last tip, the card holders from Kmart are stronger and seem to last longer. That first comment from me was for Felicia- I was going to try to respond to comments individually! I also wanted to mention that I learned since typing this post to check Dollar Tree for the trading card holders, before you check Wal-mart.

Thanks for all the great comments everyone! I think we all organize in a way that works best for us.

I love to hear your ideas for organizing, too! I just think of my coupon binder as my huge wallet full of money. What a terrific blog entry! Thanks for sharing! Sometimes you can even find binders that have a pocket on the front, so you could just tuck them in there as you go!

The Coupon Binder Method:

I am a binder person too! It helps me to remember the coupons that I have when I am adding them to the binder. I got behind the last three weeks due to company and had thrown all my coupons into an accordion file and I was completely lost. I need everything right in my face! I love your categories, I see a few more that I could add to mine to make it just a little easier.

I also just started clipping all my coupons together in stacks recently and I will never go back to the old way! Thanks for the great tips! I use the binder method, too.

Coupon Organizer: How a Pouch Can Make Your Shopping (and Saving) Easier