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M2 allows you to control, down to the tiniest detail, what content you show to which members. With free and paid membership options, you can choose to protect content behind a paywall, or just create a private space for your free members. Let's start building your site now. Creating a content protection plan is your first step.

Jot down a diagram or outline of how you want your site to work. What membership levels do you want? What content do you want users on each membership to see or not see? Do you want your content to be always protected on some memberships, yet made accessible on others over time or on specific dates?

If you'll charge for access, how much will it cost and how will you accept payments? If you have installed M2 or upgraded to it on a multisite network, part of your plan should be to decide whether you want your content protection rules to apply site-by-site, or if you want to leverage the network-wide protection features of M2. If content should be protected site-by-site, simply activate the plugin on the site where you want your content protected and continue with the setup as detailed in the rest of this guide.

But, if you want to create content protection rules network-wide, you'll need to first add the following constant to your wp-config. Important note: the above constant will only work if added to wp-config. Any existing memberships on any site in your network will not be recognized by the network settings. A future release of M2 will allow for pre-existing memberships to also function network-wide. When you've got a rough sketch of your plan, it's time to start building your content protection.

If you are not redirected immediately to the Setup page after installing the plugin, click the Setup menu item in the Membership2 menu. Memberships are the heart of M2, and you'll use the memberships you create to complete each additional step in the set up process. To start, we give you a default "System Membership. With M2, you can create four different types of Membership.

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Standard Membership: Most typical memberships will be Standard. Standard memberships can be free or paid. You can create as many standard memberships as you'd like. If you want to created a tiered system, such as Bronze, Silver, and Gold plans, you'll create a standard membership for each tier you want to offer. Guest Membership: A guest membership sets rules for non-logged in visitors to your site.

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If you'd like visitors to have unique access rules, you'll need a Guest Membership. You'll only be allowed to create one guest membership which will apply to all guests.

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The settings for this membership will allow you to set dates or time spans for when content is to be revealed or hidden. Default Membership: This is similar to the System Membership that is added by default. Like the guest membership, there can only be one default membership on your site. Creating a new membership is very simple. Click "Create New Membership" 3. Choose the type of membership from the grid of four. Name your membership.

Don't worry about setting up billing or payment gateways at this time, we'll add those later on. Next up, a quick and easy step; setting up the necessary pages M2 will need. You'll see your content protection options in a vertical list of tabs. Clicking any of these tabs will allow you to set content protection for that particular content type.

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With no Add-Ons active, M2 allows you to protect pages, custom post types, comments and the "more" tag see below for more about the available Add-Ons. It also provides settings for basic menu item protection. You'll see the default mode is for everyone to be able to see everything. If you hover over any content item's current access, you'll see a "modify access link. A colorful pop up will appear with each of your memberships listed.

Click the memberships you want, and move through the content items, and tabs, one by one until you're satisfied with your settings. M2 comes packed with several payment gateway options. You can choose whichever gateway or combination of gateways meets the needs of your an your members. If you're planning on accepting recurring subscription payments, you'll need to use either PayPal Standard or Stripe Subscriptions to manage the payments. Now that your memberships, content protection, and payment information are all in place, all that's left is adding a few more personal details and checking your levels to ensure everything is working as expected.

You'll notice there are still a few more settings in M2 you can adjust.

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Let's take a quick look. Protected Content Messages - You can change the text and even add images and fancy styling! M2 also comes with a very handy "Membership Simulator" tool that allows you to view your site as if you were a member of any or none of your Memberships. Before you call it a day, take a few minutes and run through each of your Memberships to make sure they see what you want them to see. To access the Simulator, click the Test Memberships button in the toolbar in your admin or on the frontend of your site.

You'll then see the Simulator window in the top-right corner on every page of your site. The real magic in Membership2 is in the Add Ons.

All the Add-Ons are included, but only those that apply to your individual set-up can be enabled so you don't need to deal with any items you don't need. For example, if you do not have BuddyPress installed on your site, that Add-On will be greyed out with a message informing you that BuddyPress needs to activated before you can use it. The following Add-Ons are included: Additional Automated Messages - this add on allows you create custom auto-messages for members.

Admin Side Protection - Want to extend your content protection to your Admin area?

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This add on will do just that. Advanced Menu Protection - This Add-On has three options to allow the ultimate control over access to your navigation menus. Click the Details link in the Add-On to select the option you want. BuddyPress integration - If your site uses BuddyPress, this add on will let you protect groups, profiles, and more. Category Protection - If you'd like to protect posts by category, this add on makes it super simple.

Individual Custom Posts - If you'd like to control access to custom posts on a post-by-post basis, this add on will help. Individual Posts - Like the add on above, but for standard WordPress blog posts. Media Protection - Like Advanced Menu Protection, this add on has three options to customize how your media is protected. Multiple Memberships - If you need users to have more than one simultaneous membership on your site, this add on will allow that functionality.

This Add-On doesn't create any new settings for you to worry about though. Important note: Members who are in multiple membership levels will default to the permissions of the most permissive level they belong to, if there's a conflict. For example, let's say you have a craft-based site where members can join any memberships they want, and each membership is based on a craft.

In short, its all about support — supporting deprecated or unused plugins is both time consuming and expensive — we all gotta get paid right? Most of the comments I have seen on the blog post are positive — some are asking for a change in pricing as users get less for the same amount — WPMU have addressed this;. We have been working hard on improving the value of membership with hosting and better services, and there are more things to come so there will be no changes to pricing structure. If you have any additional questions about pricing or suggestions for future improvements we would love to hear them out, you can send us a message from the form on our Contact page.

Its certain that that they want to be around and support users of all levels with free and premium solutions and its certain for me anyway, that they have the best intentions.